NSO Exploits Still Remain Mysterious: ZecOps Can Help You Fight Back


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This weekend, the Guardian released a groundbreaking report that authoritarian governments have breached the mobile devices of human rights activists, journalists, and lawyers across the world, using a hacking software sold by NSO Group.

While the Guardian report contained new information regarding the targets of NSO customers and the Pegasus spyware, the specific mobile vulnerabilities that NSO leveraged were not identified and remain unpatched. This means that despite the public attribution, NSO tools remain just as powerful today as they were prior to the report.

Fight Back with ZecOps!

ZecOps suspects that NSO will quickly alter its methods so that the specific IOCs, or indicators of compromise, will be difficult to identify by mobile security researchers. However, with our Mobile EDR product, we can help your organization identify NSO attacks automatically by focusing on the behavior that remains present in the logs in addition to the publically known IOCs.

Note: ZecOps does not collect or access your personal information. ZecOps will only collect information required for mobile security investigations, leaving personal information out.

Inspecting Your Phone – Free Inspection by ZecOps

To help discover these attacks, ZecOps is offering, for a limited time, free mobile inspections to businesses that were targeted by the NSO. Please fill out the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

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