ZecOps Announces Support for Forensics Images Acquired by GrayShift


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ZecOps is pleased to announce native support of mobile forensic images acquired with Graykey. With the latest release, ZecOps is capable of digesting filesystem archives acquired by GrayKey, GrayShift’s flagship product, providing cybersecurity insights and automatic analysis for ZecOps customers.

ZecOps can automatically digest and analyze various data points that exist on the disk, including user-space crashes, kernel-space crashes, code-signing issues, stored events, filesystem IOCs.

In order to provide ideal results, it’s important to maintain the device tree structure.

Typically with computer forensics, it is correct to perform an extraction as a first step. With mobile devices, however, this is not the case. Due to the reliance on exploits and oftentimes the requirement to power off devices, ZecOps recommends:

  1. Leverage ZecOps Deep or Full collection modes. This will collect indicators of non-persistent malware first and wouldn’t be impacted by the exploits that forensics solutions leverage to operate.
  2. Perform an extraction using solutions like GrayKey.
  3. Import the extraction results into the ZecOps dashboard.

The ZecOps solution is capable of analyzing forensics files generated by the use of Cellebrite, GrayKey / Magnet AXIOM Forensics, and others. 

By digesting the information rapidly and pointing out  attacks, anomalies, and abnormal behavior, ZecOps accelerates investigations from months to minutes, saving valuable time.

To analyze iOS and Android devices for signs of attacks, with or without access to forensics extraction tools, contact ZecOps Sales.

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