New “Always-on” Application for MacOS (April updates)


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As cyberattacks targeting mobile devices are on the rise, we continue to see massive adoption from both the private and public sectors. We are really excited to share two new features which will dramatically improve the ZecOps experience! 

New “Always-on” Application for MacOS

ZecOps is making it even easier for users to perform complex investigations of their mobile devices. Now, users can inspect their mobile devices automatically each time the phone is connected to their laptop. ZecOps for Mobile supports both iOS and Android.

Send an inspection link to a customer or colleague

ZecOps administrators now have the ability to generate a unique link to download the ZecOps Collector App from the ZecOps Dashboard. The link can then be shared with the person/group whose device you wish to inspect via email, text, or Slack.

The Collector App can be downloaded on any laptop. This feature is ideal for incident responders, managed service providers, and SOC operators.

Learn more about ZecOps Mobile EDR

ZecOps Mobile XDR is here, and its a game changer

Perform automated investigations in minutes to uncover cyber-espionage on smartphones and tablets.


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